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Kathy Rogers
Troy, New York
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Welcome to the home of Hausdaka German Shepherds on the web!

    Hausdaka is run by me, Kathy, with the help of my husband and my three daughters. My love for German Shepherds started at an early age when I was fascinated by my neighbor’s retired police K9 who would play with the neighborhood kids. He would respond eagerly to commands given by his owner to go find the boys, jump over anything in front of him, and always sat on the front lawn like a statue watching over his home!

    My first German Shepherd was named “Beau”, a big black and tan male given to us by a friend who couldn’t keep him and the game was on, I taught him everything I could. I built jumps out of our lawn furniture, taught him to jump off the pool deck for toys and to search for hidden objects on command. He was our faithful friend and companion for 13 years.

    Life moved on. I was married and two of my daughters were toddlers when a young friend told me she couldn’t keep her beautiful German Shepherd that she was training in the sport of Schutzhund. I met “Briana” and she was instantly ours. The agreement for her was that I continue her training in tracking, obedience and protection. She taught me so much, and cemented my passion for the working dog sports. She loved to train but always kept her eye on my girls as she believed it was her job to care for the girls while they were growing up. Briana excelled in the sport but we found out early on she had some health issues that were common with shepherds and had her spayed. She had true heart and would have done anything we asked of her.

    It was because of Briana I started to research canine genetics, German Shepherd standards and what it takes to better the breed I love so much. I have worked in the veterinary field for 22 years which has enabled me with the knowledge to create a breeding program that produces puppies I keep for myself to play and work in the dog sports. I can’t thank all of those pioneers in the sport and German Shepherd world who always helped me, answering questions, giving guidance and researching bloodlines, so we could produce our wonderful family companions and working dogs that carry the Hausdaka name.

    The first litter with our name was born 18 years ago. Our moms produce one to two litters a year. All of our German Shepherds live in our household or with a family friend. They are not kennels dogs. We are very proud of our German Shepherds. We breed for health, temperament and versatility. We are not a large kennel. We take pride in picking the right puppy for your family or work. Our shepherds are family guardians, partners for police officers in drug and explosive detection, service dogs and, search and rescue canines,

    We specialize in German Shepherds bred for fantastic temperament, courage, companionship, best friend, working ability and show. All puppies are raised in a family atmosphere in the home with continuous human bonding, touching and socializing.

The German Shepherd, Our Faithful Partners

    As a German Shepherd breeders, we know that German Shepherds make wonderful pets and companions. German Shepherd dogs are noble, beautiful and talented natural athletes. German Shepherd pups and dogs are bred to embody the qualities that people are most attracted to in humans: loyalty, bravery, independence, intelligence and a sense of humor. We think they can read our minds as they often demonstrate instinctive comforting behaviors when needed without direction.

    They make terrific protectors of homes, property or family. German shepherds are indifferent to strangers – they don’t give their affection lightly but when they give devotion, they give it for life.

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